Dockers Free Pants- Free Dockers Link

If you are one of the millions who DIDN'T watch the Super Bowl, or the Super Bowl commercials, then you may just be hearing about the Dockers Free Pants offer. That's right...Free Dockers!


Well, actually, you have to go to the special, super secret, Dockers website and register to WIN Dockers free pants.

Unfortunately, we never win anything, but maybe you are a little luckier (and they are giving away thousands). If so, enter to win the Dockers Free Pants by visiting THIS WEBSITE.


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Who Cares About The Super Bowl? It's Animal Planets Puppy Bowl That Really Matters

Who gives a damn about the Super Bowl? We've seen the Colts and Saints play other teams all year...bring on Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl!!

"Today's installment features an all-kitten halftime show, not to mention bunny 'cheerleaders' and hamsters flying overhead in a miniature blimp."

Here is the link to Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl


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Buffalo Chicken Dip Recipes

There are probably hundreds of thousands of Buffalo Chicken Dip Recipes out there, but we always aim to bring you the best of everything...

So here are a few links to some of the best Buffalo Chicken Dip Recipes out there:

Buffalo Chicken Dip Recipe

A Bunch of Buffalo Chicken Dip Recipes

More Great Buffalo Chicken Dip Recipes



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