Friend Paid To Impregnate Man's Wife But Fails 72 Times

A Story From Germany With A Twist:

Demetrius Soupolos, 29, and his former beauty queen wife, Traute, were trying desperately to get Traute pregnant,and failing miserably. A visit to the doctor confirmed their worst fears: Demetrius was sterile.

What to do?

Demetrius brainstormed and came up with a grand plan...he would hire his neighbor Frank Maus, 34, to do the deed. Frank and HIS wife already had two children and Frank looked remarkably like Demetrius. This could work. Apparently, Demetrius and Traute couldn't afford the modern way to do this, so they had to do it the old fashioned way. Demetrius talked his wife into having sex with Frank 3 nights a week and Frank would be paid $2500.

Frank's wife wasn't happy about this either, but Frank assured her it was just for the money.

Everything was set.

And so Frank and Traute had sex. And had sex. And had sex...etc.

For six months they had sex, 3 nights a week for a total of 72 times.

Traute was still not pregnant.

Now, Demetrius is pissed. Frank has had intercourse with his wife 72 times and still no little bouncing Demetrius in the oven.

Frank goes to the doctor, and...

Frank is sterile too.

Frank's wife is forced to admit that their two children were fathered by another man.

Demetrius is suing Frank for breach of contract to get the $2500 back. But Frank isn't giving it back. He says he didn't promise conception, just an honest effort to try to get Traute pregnant...

And what an effort it was.


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