Sex Toy Plus Sabre Saw Equals Hopsital Visit

We apparently jumped the gun with our naming of the March Moron of the Month...

A Maryland couple (names withheld to protect the stupid) decided a sex toy was needed to spice up their sex life but were unhappy with the operation of the item, so they decided to hook it up to a power tool. But, gosh, what power tool should we choose honey? Drill? Sander? Hmmmm.

I know...

How about a Sabre Saw?

And so, Mr. Sex Toy hooked up the pleasure attachment to the Sabre Saw and proceeded to go to work on Mrs. Sex Toy.

Unfortunately, the Sabre Saw blade cut through the plastic and...ouch!!...sliced open Mrs. Sex Toy.

A hospital visit was required. Mr. Sex Toy will not be charged with a crime as the act was determined to be consensual. Stupid, but consensual.


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