Police Claim Man Shoplifted All 50 States!


From our "Steal The USA In Your Chevrolet" File:

46 year-old Ignatius "Michael" Pollard was arrested last Thursday (along with his 70 year-old mom), and charged with more than a dozen counts of grand theft and petit theft for crimes alledgedly committed in the great state of Florida. It seems that Iggy (may we call you Iggy?) was shoplifting and then turning around and selling his booty on eBay. According to the police, Iggy has made millions over the years. But, there's a kicker.

Apparently, Mr. Pollara managed to steal something in ALL 50 STATES in one year!

There should probably be some kind of award for this.

So, how do you suppose Iggy got caught?

Well, Iggy had an ingenious plan. He would purchase large,cheap items, and put small, expensive items in the large,cheap item box.

Brilliant! Right??

Unfortunately, Iggy used his rewards card everywhere he purchased large,cheap items to steal small,expensive items.

Not so brilliant...

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Miley Cyrus AKA Hannah Montana Gets A New Haircut

miley cyrus haircut

Holy Cow!

Miley Cyrus AKA Hannah Montana is sporting a new haircut and it is, well....a radical change to say the least.

Miley kept her fans in suspense on her twitter account before springing the big surprise.

We believe this has changed our life.

Two words for you Ms. Cyrus: No longer relevant.

Wait, that's three words...

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Hey Beer Man! Bear Family Consumes 100 Beers

From the "Do you prefer foreign or domestic?" File:

In beautiful Norway, a mama bear and her family of three cubs are suspected of breaking into a remote cabin and downing 100 or so beers. According to the cabin's owner, the contents of said cabin are absolutely trashed, and the bears TORE DOWN a cabin wall to gain access to the brew bounty.

Everything inside the cabin was smashed or destroyed, including the stove,oven,cupboards, shelves, and the beds. (no word on whether one of the beds was juuussst right.) The bear family also consumed any and all food in the cabin.

The owner of the cabin fears that the bears might return to the area.

No kidding?

Tiger Woods In Top 10 Of PGA Championship Leaderboard

So...the 2012 PGA Championship is under way Kiawah Island Ocean Golf Course, and wouldn't you know it, Tiger Woods is right up there on the leader board with a 3 under par 69. Tiger's playing partner, Keegan Bradley, shot a 4 under 68.

"I did it mom! I outshot Tiger Woods!!"

Actually, folks, Keegan Bradley is the 2011 PGA Champion, so he's no slouch.

Anyway, rock on Tiger!

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