Bar Code Google-Why Does Google Have A Barcode In Place Of Its Logo?

Today is October 7th, 2009, and the question of the day is:

Why does Google have a barcode on it's search page in place of the normal friendly little Google logo that we all know and love?

We have to admit that, for just a few seconds, our visit to Google this morning brought on fear and horror thinking that Google may have been hacked.But, no, fearless web travelers and seekers of Google info, the Google bar code is only a celebration of that wonderful invention...the bar code. (duh)

That's right, exactly 57 years ago today, a patent was issued for the barcode.
(and you can read about it RIGHT HERE). Yes, that wonderful invention that eventually created other inventions, for example the self scan checkout, and less staff (and lower payrolls) for all retail establishments.

Shall we all sing Happy Birthday to the bar code?

Let's not.

But we can celebrate the fact that, contrary to the opinion of some conspiracy theorists over the last 5 decades, we are not yet all sporting barcodes on our foreheads.


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Anonymous said...

Bar code is use for the security purpose and it's used in the every product, inside bar code some of the code are available..