Newt Gingrich Says Palestinians Are An "Invented People"

From our "Can't We Just Resurrect Abe Lincoln And Elect Him?" File:

Newt Gingrich, in an apparent attempt to integrate his alternate history fetish into reality, would have us believe that HE believes that the Palestinians are an invented people. Unfortunately, we don't have the space here, or the time to go over the history of the middle east, so let's just say that there are obviously A LOT more Jewish voters than Palestinians in the U.S. Yes, we'll just leave it that.

In other news from the "Let's Beat The Hell Out Of Each Other and Then Send Our Bloodied Candidate To Take On A Sitting President" Party, Rick Perry says that marital fidelity is extremely important to American voters (Funny, we seem to remember a guy named Bill not to long ago...). Unfortunately, Mr. Perry still can't remember that third Federal Agency he would shut down if elected.



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