Man Finds NYC Marathon Finish Line But Not His Car

Charles Petraske, marathon runner, parked his car in a Manhattan garage on November 6th, and took a shuttle to run the New York City Marathon. He left his ticket for the parking garage on the dashboard of his car, and took only his car keys and a little cash with him.

Uh oh.

Charles finished the marathon and realized..."Dude, where's my car?"

Mr. Petraske eventually went to the police, who told him they couldn't look for his car until it was towed.

That could be problematic, it was in a parking garage.

So, Charles had his wife come get him. Once home, he racked his brain for anything that might remind him of the location of his car. He did this for two days.

Eventually he remembered the name of a company on a billboard near the parking garage and called them to get a location.

The moral of the story? Put the parking garage ticket in your pocket. Or have someone drive you to the marathon next time.

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