Consumer Group Claims Zhu Zhu Pets Unsafe-What Is Antimony?

Uh Oh...The hot tickets this Christmas are those cute and cuddly little Zhu Zhu Pets, but now a consumer group claims one of the Zhu Zhu Pets Hamsters has unsafe levels of Antimony.

Wait a minute...Zhu Zhu Pets toxic?

Website GoodGuide claims that Mister Squiggles, the light brown robotic hamster, is Zhu Zhu Toxic. He has unsafe levels of antimony. Antimony can cause cancer, lung and heart problems, according to GoodGuide.

What is Antimony? Read HERE

What does the Zhu Zhu Pets toy manufacturer, St. Louis, Missouri-based Cepia LLC, have to say about this?

"All our products are subjected to several levels of rigorous safety testing conducted by our own internal teams, as well as the world's leading independent quality assurance testing organization, and also by independent labs engaged by our retail partners," Russ Hornsby, CEO of Cepia, said in a written statement. "The results of every test prove that our products are in compliance with all government and industry safety standards."

Is a Zhu Zhu Pets recall in our future?

Stay tuned...but if you are buying and selling Zhu Zhu Pets for profit, you might want to think about selling your stock.


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