Your Treasury Bills Online From TreasuryDirect

Today's obscure Hot Search is TreasuryDirect or, which is exactly what you think it is...a website to buy T-Bills,U.S. Savings Bonds, and the like direct.

If you have ever wanted to buy Treasury Bills or Bonds right on the internet, directly from the source, TreasuryDirect gives you the opportunity.

Why would you want to invest in an entity that is 11 Trillion Dollars or so in Debt?

I dunno either.

But, if you do, HERE is the link to


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Discount Pharmacy Blogger said...

Wow that is wack! Why would anybody want to buy that stuff direct, online/ Not to mention their debt as you pointed out. I will forward this to my broker for a good laugh.

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?