Breaking The Law On A Walmart Scooter


From our "Breaking the Law! Breaking the Law!" File:

How many laws do you think YOU can break on a Walmart scooter?

In order to outbreak Marcus Earl Degraphenreed from the great state of Indiana, you will have to break 5 laws on your Walmart scooter. Observe:

1. Mr. Degraphenreed (henceforth known as Mr. D) was initially pulled over in Indiana 35 because he was, well, on Indiana 35. On a motorized scooter.

2. Mr. D was going northbound on Indiana 35. I mention this because the traffic in his lane was headed southbound.

There's more...


3. Mr. D wasn't on just any old scooter, he was on a (you guessed it) Walmart scooter. When asked by the police where he got it from, Mr. D said, "I found it". Mr. D wouldn't elaborate, but we are just guessing here that he found it at his nearest Walmart.

4. We have saved the best for last. Police noticed that Mr. D was glassy eyed and disoriented. Could it be? Well, the police thought so, and arrested Mr. D on peliminary charges of driving (scootering?) under the influence, and theft. Mr. D was transported to a local hospital for a blood-alcohol test.

The scooter was returned to Walmart.

Your challenge, Fileunderi fans, is to break FIVE laws on a Walmart scooter. Please let us know how you did.

And send pics or a video...

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