: Obama's Strong Middle Class Gets a Website Sounds like a Republican PAC doesn't it?

But no, President Obama, builder of websites and web promoter extraordinaire is at it again.

Mr. Obama has created a task force with these goals: "Expanding education and lifelong training opportunities, improving work and family balance, restoring labor standards, including workplace safety, helping to protect middle-class and working-family incomes, protecting retirement security."

The new task force is officially called the "White House Task Force on Middle Class Working Families" and is headed by Vice President Joe Biden. It will also include various other cabinet members.

And, of course, a website has been created to track the task force's progress.
You can see the new website HERE.This website will also ensure transparency (our fav government word) and new ideas from the general public (Holy Cow! A suggestion box!).

According to the White House, the first meeting of the Task Force will be Feb. 27 in Philadelphia, focusing on "Green Jobs: A Pathway to a Strong Middle Class."


timmer said... not exactly a site to me but actually a page at

I would like it to be a true site: linked from the site.

Not a minor issue. An entity called srongmiddleclass has been created that deserves its own site. .gov domain sites are almost all organizational. Those that are program oriented should get their own .gov identity and associations.

Marcus said...

You are exactly right. is a redirect at the moment..I have a feeling it will be a separate site soon and not just a white house page.