Link to Peanut Butter Recall List Goes Nuts

The Peanut Recall List has gone nuts. Only a few short days ago, the FDA assured concerned citizens that Peanut Butter in jars would not be affected by the Peanut Butter it appears they are. As of right now, the FDA is telling us that major brands of Peanut Butter are not contaminated, but any off brand or hotsy totsy chic brand should be avoided.

You can access the website HERE. The link points to the FDA Food Recall portion of the website.

It is unfortunate that it appears that the FDA has known there was problems with The Peanut Corp. of America for quite some time. The Georgia peanut-processing plant at the center of the national salmonella outbreak is now under criminal investigation, but there have been incidents in the past and the FDA has not taken action. It is also very unfortunate that the FDA continues to tell folks that only certain peanut products are affected..then turns around the next day and changes their story.

Another day of insanity with your Federal Government.

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