Wagyu Steak: We Have A Beef With Barack Obama

As our country slides further economically and our new President gives the standard pitch about sacrifice and personal responsibility, let us take a moment to review the menu at an Obama cocktail party: Chicken Curry and Wagyu Steak (also known as Kobe steak). Wagyu beef is a little hard to come by and costs right at $100 for a 16 oz. serving. Say what? So we are supposed to eat Mac and Cheese and Spam while the new Prez and a few Congressmen dine on $100 a pound beef?

Where is the outrage? We give the CEO's of the Now Little Three crap for taking private jets to their first begging meeting with Congress.. and our Prez has been preaching that we can pull out of this with a little sacrifice and he is splurging on steak that costs more than many folks spend on groceries in a week?

Today's message to Mr. Obama..Walk the Walk if you are going to Talk the Talk.

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