Nadya Suleman: An Update on Our Octuplets Mom Post

Yesterday we posted information given out by the grandmother (Angela Suleman) of the now famous quintuplets born a few days ago. Angela was kind enough to let us know that her daughter already has 6 kids and that she lives at home. Now..the mother's name is revealed! Nadya Suleman is the proud mommy of 8 bouncing babies and even more info has come to light!

Please sit down.

She was hoping for JUST ONE MORE LITTLE GIRL. That's right. Ask for one and get eight.

And..she was implanted, via in vitro fertilization.

Yep. Unmarried. Lives at home. 6 kids already. Now Eight more. But really only wanted one more.

And the United States shouldn't require testing before you are allowed to bring a new life into the world?

You decide.

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