The NutiSystem Diet: 2009 Diet of the Year

We read recently that the NutriSystem Diet is the 2009 Diet of the Year. We are not sure who determines this, but we take everything we read on the Internet at face value(Don't you?). Also, NutriSystem is one of the top searched for terms and the TV show "The Biggest Loser" is a very popular show. People must be concerned about their weight, eh? More like obsessed..


So, as a public service to our readers, we will publish here (free of charge to you) the OFFICIAL fileunderi Weight Loss Plan.


Burn more calories than you ingest. Exercise..even if you just walk. And, don't eat fatty foods.

Guaranteed weight loss over time, or your money back.

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Alex G. said...

The real Diet of 2009 is The Fresh Diet ( as seen in January US Weekly magazine. Unlike Nutrisystem, The Fresh Diet delivers your meals fresh to your door daily. Did you know that with Nutrisystem you have to add your dairy, fruits & veggies. That means you still need to go to the grocery store & spend more money. Check out The Fresh Diet if you have the cash!