Doggles: The Pet Accessory from Hell

Just when I thought every possible asinine item had been invented, I have now discovered Doggles. By the way, I thought we had seen the last asinine item when I saw the first commercial for the Snuggy. What are Doggles? Exactly what you might think: goggles for dogs. What useful purpose would they serve? Why, to block out harmful UV rays. Of course.

At this point I must ask you, are we turning our canine population into a pack of wimps? Seriously..Doggles? Would Lassie wear Doggles? Old Yeller? Scooby? Of course not.I understand the American Public's love affair with their dogs..but..come on.

All this aside, how do these work? I own 3 and 1/3 dogs (one chihuahua). My three larger dogs are 2 Hyper German Shorthaired Pointers and One Scared of His Own Shadow Lab Mix Mutt. The possibility of me placing said Doggles on any of the aforementioned canines is nil. And, if I did get them on..they would either be off in a matter of seconds or completely destroyed in the attempt.

Doggles for my dogs?

Sorry Rover old buddy, you're going blind.

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