The Numbers Lady, Glynis McCants Gives Us Obama Predictions

Hold the presses! Glynis McCants aka "The Numbers Lady" and Numerologist Extraordinaire has given us some "startling" predictions concerning our soon to be President..Mr. Barack Obama. The numbers lady was on Coast to Coast and laid these earth shattering predictions on all who listened:

Using formulas she invented, McCants predicted a difficult year for our President-Elect. (ya think?)

She also foresees a big trip in Obama’s future. (Really?? Wow.)

A quote from the Numbers Lady:

"Barack Obama is going into a Personal Year Cycle of ‘5,’ which is a challenge to his Lifepath number of ‘2,’ but if he can weather the storm of this year, he’ll prove to be an effective president," she stated. "[Vladimir] Putin is going into a Personal Year of ‘1’ which shows he means to win, and go after complete power," McCants added. " (More earth shattering news)

She also reviewed her forecast for 2008, in which she'd declared that "if Mother Nature wants to compete with us, she will always win." Indeed, there were many natural disasters and storms including the earthquake that struck China, and a record-breaking tornado season in the U.S. The next year for record-breaking bad weather will be 2012-- a "5" year, she noted.

Yep, a "5" year is right. Isn't 2012 supposed to be the year the world ends? On December 21st? That is when the Mayan Calendar ends...and those old boys had it going on in the Astronomy department.

The bright side to all this?? I won't have to pay my mortgage back in full. So, there is always that.

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