Keebler Peanut Butter Crackers Recall

The Elves are pissed.

Due to Peanut Corp. of America issuing a recall late
Tuesday for 21 lots of peanut butter made since July 1 at its plant
in Blakely, Ga., (because of possible salmonella contamination), Keebler has started pulling peanut butter crackers off the shelves. Peanut Corp. of America supplies peanut paste to Kellogg, which on Wednesday asked stores nationwide to pull peanut butter crackers sold under the Austin and Keebler brands.

The products being pulled include Austin and Keebler toasted
peanut butter sandwich crackers, peanut butter and jelly sandwich
crackers, cheese and peanut butter sandwich crackers, and peanut
butter-chocolate sandwich crackers. Customers and stores are asked
to hold onto the Kellogg products, but not eat them, until an
investigation is complete.

The FDA said Kellogg's move is known as a stop-sale order and isn't as serious as a recall. Neither the FDA nor a Kellogg spokesman could say how many units were involved, but a FDA spokesperson said, "It's a very large volume." A Kellogg spokesman said federal investigators visited company facilities this week.

The Peanut Corp. recall was issued after an open container of
King Nut peanut butter in a long-term care facility in Minnesota
was found to contain a strain of salmonella. Health officials had
recommended nursing homes, hospitals, schools, universities and
restaurants discard containers of peanut butter linked to the
outbreak. The peanut butter was in containers between 5 and 50

Any consumer who wishes to return one of the sandwich cracker products for a refund can call the Kellogg Consumer Response Center at 1-888-314-2060.


Rubens Parizio said...

passei para ver as novidades !!!!!

David said...

I have set aside all the 50 pound containers of peanut butter here at home in my kitchen. But what am I going to eat now?