Snarking: Four or Five Definitions

What is Snarking?

According to the Urban Dictionary:

1.It is when someone secretly sends humorous or embarrassing e-mails from another persons e-mail address as a practical joke.

2.A game, of sorts, wherein a group of snarky people stand in a circle and try to out snark each other with increasingly witty, disdainful comments.

3.Getting things done quickly by merely showing up, flashing a smirk, and double clicking the tongue and using the words "doll". Perfected by men from Arkansas over 30 wearing a perfectly cut suit.

4.Verb, putting snotty spit on something.

Not sure about number four. We were always told that snark is a joining off the words
"snide" and "remark"

And what is Snarking Out?

From the same source:

A practice commonly associated with but not limited to minors, snarking out is the act of secretly leaving one's house late at night, usually to go to the movies. Named for the Snark Theater in Daniel Pinkwater's Snarkout Boys books.

So, we weren't snarky in this post. But, we will be in the future.

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