Fire Destroys Topless Coffee Shop- Oh Nooooo!

The infamous Grand View Topless Coffee Shop in Vassalboro, Maine was destroyed by fire early this morning. The fire occurred just hours after the owner met with town planners to discuss making it more like a strip club, with longer hours and dancing.

Owner Donald Crabtree says that he lost both the business and his home in the fire. He also claims he had no insurance.

The topless coffee shop found a national following after it opened in February boasting waitresses (and waiters) serving donuts and coffee sans tops. It also hit the news just a few weeks ago when local residents complained one of the waitresses was outside topless taking a cigarette break.

The state fire marshal's office is trying to determine the cause.

Fileunderi is now forced to change our summer vacation plans and cancel the stop in Maine. Damn, we were going to post pics for you too...

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