Dare To Eat Pig Sends Texas Teen To Hospital

The Fileunderi Young Moron of the Week:

A Plano, Texas ninth-grader took a dare and ate fetal pig parts. Classmates offered little Johnny 50 bucks to eat the pig's testicles.

He collected $40 of the $50 and told reporters "it wasn't that bad, it was just like swallowing a pill".

So, how did this make the news and Fileunderi find out about it? (We aren't located in the Lone Star State)


The dare was given and taken in Biology class. As you might remember, things that are used for dissection in Biology class have a wicked smell to them. That smell is caused by Formaldehyde, a toxic substance that preserves tissues.

Yes, Little Johnny DID swallow Formaldehyde soaked pig testicles for $50.

Now he owes his mom $100 for the ER visit.

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