Always Return Your Library Books In Texas

Always Return Your Library Books In Texas

A 21 Year Old Texas woman is on the lam from Killeen Authorities after a dastardly crime...

Victoria Rogers left Killeen with her 5 month old son and headed to San Antonio after a divorce and left only two things behind:

1. An Ex Husband
2 A Library Book

The library in Killeen wanted their book back. They sent notice after notice to her old address...which her ex ignored. Frustrated, the library gave up collection activities and turned the matter over to Killeen authorities.

An arrest warrant was issued.

In Killeen, failure to return library materials is a class C misdemeanor. The Killeen city prosecutor says that "normally, these things can be worked out". Currently, Ms. Rogers currently faces a minimum $340 fine and must show up in court.

The library says the matter is out of their hands once they turn it over to authorities.

Ms. Rogers refuses to drive or get a job for fear of being nabbed.

Damn criminals.

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