Pennsylvania Teen Expelled From Middle School For Having A "Weapon"

From the Fileunderi "Killing 'Em With Personal Hygiene" File:

A Pittsburgh-area school board voted 8 to 1 to uphold the expulsion of a 15 year old middle school student who was found to have a "weapon" in her handbag. The "weapon" was found after a random search.

The Linton Middle School girl will remain expelled for the remainder of the school year and the first 45 days of next year. She is eligible for home schooling assistance.

Oh yeah...and the weapon is?

An Eyebrow shaver.

The potential teenage slasher says she doesn't consider the eyebrow shaver to be a weapon. The Penn Hills School Board disagrees and says the personal care item is "essentially a razor".

Conveniently, one of the board members cut her finger on the device at a meeting Tuesday and required stitches.

And the beat goes on....

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