Here A Hunch-There A Hunch-Everywhere A Hunch

From the "NOW we have seen every kind of website" file:

Have you heard of We have a hunch you haven't. Let's break it down for you...

You go to and start answering questions about yourself, likes and dislikes etc. The more questions you answer, the more Hunch knows about you. Don't forget that Hunch has profiles on all it's members.

Now what?

Ask Hunch a question. If it's related to one of the topics in the database (there are 2500 and growing), Hunch will give you advice. Yep...advice. Examples?

"What British TV Comedy should I watch?"

"What kind of therapy should I have?"

"What kind of cigar would I enjoy?"

"Which fashion designer suits me?"

Just think, once Hunch grows to Wikipedia size, you will never have to make a decision again! You will no longer have to call friends and family for can use the collective likes, dislikes and experiences of all the fine Internet users out there.


Open the pod door, HAL.

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