Neda Soltani Protests In Iran Neda YouTube Video

Neda Soltani Protests In Iran Neda You Tube Video

We are sure most of you have seen the Neda YouTube Video...the young woman killed by a sniper during the Iranian Election Protests.

It's awful. Horrible.

We have taken the time to read hundreds of comments on various websites about this incident and the protests taking place in Iran.

We are amazed.

Amazed at the amount of people who believe our Government should get involved in this situation...with responses ranging from a strongly worded statement to out and out meddling in Iranian affairs.

Rather than writing thousands of words calling you out on your feigned outrage and reminding you that Neda Soltani will be forgotten in just a few days, we decided to take the lazy route and do a short essay in pictures:

Just over three decades ago, Iranian "students" took to the streets to protest and support "reform". Do you remember this?

To those of you that cannot believe the tyranny and underhanded shenanigans of the Iranian Government, we give you these:

We don't take to the streets in great numbers anymore, crying for reform or screaming about injustice. Perhaps it is just population wide apathy...or perhaps many of us still have vivid memories of the last time large numbers of Americans took the time to protest what they thought were injustices in government:

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rockstarinjapan said...

Got to get down to it
soldiers are cutting us down
should of been done long ago
what if you knew her and
found her dead on the ground
how can you run when you know
-Crosby, Stills, & Nash

Tom said...

This is so true, although in Iran what we see is terrible... the truth is it was only 30 years ago that the same treatment was the norm in the States. And mentioning the recount, we face the same lies by way of different means as Iran today. This blog has & should continue to open the eyes of many. Thanks

Tom said...

This is so true, the recount was no different. Thanks for opening up some eyes.