Texas Cop Tasers Great-Grandmother For Refusing To Sign Ticket

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As we peruse this mornings odd news we found this little gem from J.D. Tuccille at

Texas Cop Tasers Great-Grandmother For Refusing To Sign Ticket

A traffic stop for speeding in Travis County, Texas, led to the Tasering of a 72-year-old great-grandmother by a deputy. Feisty Kathryn Winkfein apparently so frightened the law-enforcement officer when she "used some profanity" and "got violent" that he felt it necessary to subdue her with a potentially dangerous jolt of electricity.

Winkfein was reportedly doing 60 in a construction zone where the posted speed limit was 45 when she was pulled over. She was ticketed but declined to sign the ticket, leading the police officer to place her under arrest lest civilization collapse for want of the surrender of a penny's worth of ink.

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Sorry, but unless this cop feared for his safety there was absolutely NO REASON to use a taser on this woman. You can comment below with all the tired little cliches you can think of...she should have signed the ticket, shouldn't have been speeding, etc...there was NO REASON to use a taser on this woman.

Welcome to Amerika.

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Anonymous said...

Texas is full of over-agressive cops and over-zealous judges and prosecutors all trying to make a "willie Hardy" name for themselves. Yes, I brought up "Smith County Justice" or for the movie lovers "Rush". It is a prime example of how Texas Laaw will rule its citizens, not serve and protect them. I am "running" from them myself over 1/2 oz of marijuana (legal in 14 states) but a prison term in Texas. This really does not suprise me, I am suprised he didnt beat her also!!! Texas will ruin childrens lives,splitting families over class b misdomenors, effing retards!! Denver has Spoken, more to come.....I will front you out Judge Ghetts!!!!