Kentucky Church To Hold A "Bring Your Gun To Church" Service

Bring Your Own Gun "Open Carry Church Service"

Fileunderi is wondering if the normal "Jesus Saves" motto has been thrown out at this church for "Jesus Shoots First and Asks Questions Later"?

From The Gawker:

In lieu of George Tiller being gunned down in a church, this blows the mind—-A Kentucky pastor is encouraging people to attend a service with guns in holsters, enter a raffle to win a free handgun, and be sermonized by operators of gun stores and firing ranges.

In what's being called an "Open Carry Church Service," Pastor Ken Pagano of New Bethel Church in Louisville (Yes this is actually happening in the state's most metropolitan city and not somewhere in the Appalachia!) says that he's just trying to "think outside the box" to grow his flock.

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