Super Bowl Kickoff Time 2009: Let's Get This Party Started

What time does the Super Bowl start?

Who cares? The real question is "What time does the party start?" Our unofficial pseudo-scientific research tells us that this is the second biggest party day of the year. And Super Bowl 2009 is no different. (Number One? Duh.) Arguably the biggest and most over hyped sporting event of the year deserves some of the biggest and sometimes most over hyped parties of the year.

Think our research is wrong? How many World Series Parties have you been too? NBA Finals Parties? March Madness Parties? (We HAVE been to a couple of those).

So bring on the Pizza, Nachos, Chip, Dip, Wings, Fajitas, Cardinals and Steelers.

By the way..Super Bowl kickoff time is 6:28 PM.

Oh, you want our prediction? There's a Steelers pic there for a reason.

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