Cricket Spitting-Today The Fair Tomorrow The Olympics?

Could the next Olympic sport be Cricket Spitting?


At the Central Wisconsin State Fair this year, the champion Cricket Spitter was Brian Johnsrud,who spat a thawed cricket 22 feet, 8 inches. WooHoo!

(Wait a minute, the CENTRAL Wisconsin State Fair? Wisconsin has more than one State Fair?)

Johnsrud's son,Jared, shot his cricket 10 feet, 5 inches to win the 9-to-11 age division.

There is even a 5 to 8-year-old division,and seven-year-old Daniel Word won that competition. After spitting his cricket 9 feet, 11 inches, he said it wasn't easy.
(We bet it isn't)

Brian Johnsrud says the key to Cricket Spitting is to pick the biggest cricket and put it upside down on your tongue. He also says you have to take the deep breath before putting the cricket in your mouth, so you don't swallow the little bugger.

We'll take your word for it Brian.


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