Theft Is Not Tolerated At This Chinese WalMart

We always knew they did things a little differently in China...Wow, do they ever!

At a WalMart in Jingdezhen, China, an employee suspected a customer of theft. The customer was put under surveillance by security for a few minutes. She was then approached by the staff.

The woman was asked to reveal the contents of her bag. She refused to hand it over.

Pretty standard stuff so far, right? Probably happens numerous times per day here in the good ol' USA.

But at this point of our tale, The Chinese way veers off considerably from the USA way of handling this situation.

Numerous WalMart employees gathered around the suspected thief. Apparently, they weren't wearing their little smiley face buttons...

They started to beat the woman.

The suspect sent a message to her family via her cell phone. When her mother and sister showed up, the WalMart employees were still beating the woman. Mom and Sis pleaded with the employees to stop.

They continued to beat the woman.

Finally,the police arrived and put a stop to the beating.

Now, you might be thinking that the thief, her mom, and her sis made the beating part of the story up to get the perp out of trouble.

Doubt it...

The woman was rushed to the hospital.

She died.

There has been no comment from WalMart on this incident, and no word on any charges filed against the employees.



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