Ellen DeGeneres Is The New American Idol Judge?

When we heard that Paula Abdul was taking her bubbly little diva self down the road after this year's American Idol Finale, we were intrigued to see who would get the nod as her replacement. Would there even be a replacement with the addition of Kara DioGuardi?

Imagine our surprise when we found out Ellen DeGeneres is the new American Idol Judge?

Really? Ellen DeGeneres? She has no musical training. Hell, she can't sing either.

But, the more we think about it...

She would bring a certain down to earth feel to the panel, and with her admitted passion for music as her only qualification, might just be a true representative of the people who just watch the show.

We're not fans of Ellen DeGeneres, but we like her as the choice to replace Paula.

Actually, we would have found something good in it if Vladimir Putin was replacing Paula...


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