Ohio Inmate's Execution Delayed One Week-They Couldn't Find A Vein

From the Fileunderi "Sometimes A Shotgun Is The Best Tool In This Situation" File:

53-year-old Romell Broom was scheduled to be executed in Ohio this week for the 1984 rape and murder of 14-year-old Tryna Middleton. Unfortunately, executioners struggled for more than two hours to locate suitable veins for the insertion of the Death Serum IVs into Broom. Not only did the execution team try, even Broom attempted to help the team access his veins, and after one failed attempt, he covered his face and appeared to be sobbing.


So, Ohio Governor Ted Strickland decided to order a week long reprieve for the inmate, the state's first such last minute reprieve since the death penalty was reinstated in Ohio in 1999.

Tim Sweeney, who is Broom's lawyer, wrote Ohio Supreme Court Chief Justice Thomas J. Moyer asking him to end the procedure.

"Any further attempts today to carry out the execution of Mr. Broom would be cruel and unusual punishment in violation of ... the U.S. Constitution," he wrote. "They would also violate Ohio's statutory requirement that a lethal injection execution is to be quick and painless."

As the execution team struggled to find the vein, Broom asked to see Adele Shank, his other attorney. She was not allowed access to him due to policy that says the inmate cannot have contact with lawyers once the injection process begins. Shank said she was concerned because it appeared Broom "winced in pain".

Broom's victim was unavailable for comment on Broom's apparent "wincing in pain", as she currently resides 6 feet under.

Fileunderi can only suggest the following to those in Ohio that handle executions:

Firing Squad-You can always find a target.

Hanging-Necks are pretty easy to find.

Electric Chair-A little jolt will do ya.


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