Lobster Wars On Matinicus Island Maine

Lobster Wars On Matinicus Island Maine

This is a story of intrigue,territorial disputes,dirty tricks,conspiricies,lawsuits, and a shooting on Matinicus Island off the coast of Maine...

MATINICUS ISLAND, Maine — Life here is defined by the ocean. It's the ocean that feeds the livelihoods of the lobstermen. It's the ocean that dictates the weather. And it's 20 miles of ocean that separates Matinicus from the mainland and makes it a world apart.

The ocean's bountiful waters have also been a source of strife here for as long as anyone can remember.

Lobster fishermen have feuded for generations over who can set traps, and where. To protect their fishing grounds, the lobstermen here have been known to cut trap lines, circle their boats menacingly around unwelcome vessels and fire warning blasts from shotguns.

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