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Feng Shui Pearls Of Wisdom-Use Feng Shui for Great Health, Increasing Wealth, Career Success, Romance and More.

What is Feng Shui?

"Feng Shui basic principles are easy to grasp, especially when you understand the core meanings of the words "feng" and "shui". Feng Shui means the following:

“Feng” in Chinese or “Wind” in English – an element of the natural world. Wind can be felt but is never seen. The effects of wind can be observed - such as a tree that has been blown over by its force.

Similarly, the unseen or “hidden” force within you that is living spirit is akin to the “wind” element.

Your “wind” is your heart’s desire…your dreams, abilities and thoughts that comprise your inner world as well as emotions. Your inner wind is your mind and heart in action - it is also felt but never seen.

“Shui” in Chinese or “Water” in English – an element of the natural world. Unlike wind, water can be physically viewed with the eye and its effects seen as well. You can hold water in your hand and feel its touch upon your skin.

If you visit the Grand Canyon you behold a Supreme example of the power of water’s energy carving exquisite designs upon the Earth over many millennia.

A truly breathtaking example – this powerful water energy is still performing its carving miracles within many beautiful canyons of the world today.

Water represents the world of the tangible – its meaning can be equated to your surrounds as you know them – your home, your office - your complete physical world."

Learn the best, cutting edge, easy-to-implement Feng Shui techniques and secrets that will help you live your best life, give you inner peace and happiness plus hand you the tools to enhance your living and working spaces for greater personal power and productivity!

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