Man Slaps Crying Child At WalMart-But There Was A Small Problem

Roger Stephens, a 61-year-old Stone Mountain, Georgia man, slapped a child at a local WalMart Monday morning. Apparently, 2-year-old Paige was crying and wouldn't stop. Roger thought his 4 or 5 slaps across the face might do the trick.

Unfortunately, Roger now faces big trouble. Not only did he slap a two-year-old repeatedly across the face in public...the child wasn't his. She was a COMPLETE STRANGER.

According to authorities, Roger came upon a crying Paige and her mother. Roger told the mother, "If you don't shut that baby up I will shut her up for you." When the mother didn't shut Paige up, Roger sprung into action, slapping Paige across the face. Four or Five times.

And the aftermath of this little incident?

Paige didn't stop crying. She cried louder and added a little screaming to her repertoire.

Roger told the mother,"See, I told you I would shut her up."

The authorities were called.

Roger was arrested for felony cruelty to children.

Paige has a little redness on her face from Roger's slaps.

And so ends another day at the "Home of Always Lowlifes. Always.".


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