Store Launches Left Handed Underpants For Left Handed Men

From the "It's about damn time!" file:

A British store has decided it is about time to stop discrminating against left-handed men and has launched a line of left handed mens underpants.

That's right. Left Handed Underpants.

In case you are not familiar with men's underpants, the vertical slit for handy access is on the right side. Always.

Not anymore!

Now, all you left-handed Brits (and hopefully the rest of the world) can purchase underwear that has a horizontal slit designed for easy access for southpaws. Previously, boxer shorts were best suited for left-handers, but they don't have quite that briefs provide.

A spokesman for the store claims that this is a huge step in the fight for "equality" for left handed men...AND they will spend less time at the john, as they won't have to "perform a Z shaped maneuver through two 180 degree angles..."

Earth shattering news, don't you think?


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