Man Has Finger Bitten Off At Health Care Reform Rally

Man Has Finger Bitten Off At Health Care Reform Rally

65-year-old William Rice has learned the hard way not to mess with Pro Health Care Reform group "Code Pink" members.

Mr. Rice was attending a Health Care Reform Rally in California Wednesday night as an Anti-Health Care Reform demonstrator and decided to get into a heated argument with Code Pink members, who were located across the street from his group of "Antis".

After the verbal confrontation, Rice returned to his side of the street. A man from Code Pink (sponsored by apparently decided he needed to get the last word in and crossed over to Rice's side of the street, engaging Rice in another argument. The unidentified "Pinker" allegedly called Rice names and acted aggressively.

And then it turned ugly...

Rice told investigators that, at this point, he felt threatened. So, what did he do?

He punched the Pinker in the nose.

This created a fistfight between the two men. At some point during the exchange, the Pinker bit off the left pinky finger of Rice.

Rice drove himself to Los Robles Hospital and Medical Center in Thousand Oaks, and another man at the rally found Rice's finger and brought it to him.

The pinky biting pinker is on the loose, but the sheriff's office has a good description of him.

No word on whether or not Rice has Health Insurance...


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Paul said...

My pinkie, my pinkie, my kingdom for a pinkie but I guess he has that terrible Medicare a “Single-payer health care insurance” what a hypocrite. Did the little pinkie cry "Wee-wee-wee!" all the way home (or I should say “Fake News”)? It real should have been his right pinky finger that would have been a better story. He takes two punches and (as usual) tries to shove something down someone’s throat and gets his pinkie bitten off, now he plays victim. They are haters not debaters.

Marcus said...

My My, we think Paul might have forgotten his happy pill today.

As far as "Fake News"...not. But, you would probably have believed it if the Righty had bitten the pinky of the Lefty.

Partisans. You're a dime a dozen, pal.