Anand Jon Alexander-Fashion Designer Will Look Snappy In Prison Duds

Well-known celebrity fashion designer Anand Jon Alexander is going to look rather snappy in his new prison duds. Anand Jon was sentenced to 59 years to life in prison for the sexual assault of 7 girls and young women.

You can probably guess the story here...35-year-old fashion bigshot promises modeling career to naive young women in return for sexual favors.

During the hearing, Anand Jon Alexander was acting as his own attorney. On Monday afternoon, a lengthy argument was presented by Anand Jon to the judge saying that he should get a new trial but his appeal was denied by the jury.

Several of the victims spoke before sentencing, and one had this to say:

“I was 14. You took my adolescence, my trust, my dream and completely manipulated them for your sexual desires.”

We here at Fileunderi would like to sing a song for Anand goes something like this:

Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey-ey, goodbye


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