World s Longest Golf Course

How many yards long is the world's longest golf course?

As we are always up for trivia searches and the mundane, Fileunderi has a few answers for you:

The world's longest golf course is The Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Golf Club in China. It boasts a whopping 8,548 yards from the back tees. And par? 72...

Another contender for world's longest golf course is the Nullarbor Links in Australia, which will have 18 holes stretched out over 1365km. Interesting, but that really isn't the world's longest golf course, is it?

And while we are on the subject of world's longest how about the world's longest golf holes?

Here they are:

1. No. 12, Meadow Farms Golf Course, Locust Grove, Virginia (841 yards, par 6)

2. No. 6, Spring Lake Golf Resort, Sebring, Florida (800 yards, par 6)

3. No. 9, The Links Golf Course, Post Falls, Idaho (777 yards, par 6)

And there you have it...the world's longest golf course and the world's longest golf hole.

See? WE are masters of the mundane and inane...



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