Emma Watson Underwear Photos Will Lead Your Child To Hell

Emma Watson Underwear Photos Will Lead Your Child To Hell

Sometimes you forget about the fringe elements in our society as you happily whistle while you work...

But, every once in a while, you happen upon an article or website that either makes you scream with laughter or scratch your head as you wonder aloud: WTF is this??

The following is just such an article, pulled from a fine website known as Christwire.org (Conservative Values For An Unsaved World):

"Harry Potter is an evil movie that teaches kids about demons and sex acts, then encourages to go home to fornicate each other and spread disease.

For years now liberal supporters of this dangerous film series have denied the allegations and tried to convince parents out there that Harry Potter and his little flussy friend Hermione Granger are good little Christians.

What a bottle of veiled lies! I don’t know too many good Christian girls that wear dresses designed to melt away in a little rainstorm! Warning: The following image media is highly immoral and contains material not suited for all readers. Please pray and then have women/children leave the room before viewing.

Emma Watson Shows Underwear With Immoral Melting Dress

Men of faith, the young women in that picture is none other that Hermione Granger (Emma Watson)! You can bet that rainstorm was simply a bit of sweat pouring off Satan’s brow, as he was hot in excitement with all the little souls that will be pouring into hell once they see this movie!

If you don’t want your innocent teen son to have unnatural thoughts about a girl’s body or want your precious teen daughter to grow up to be a hooker, BAN HARRY POTTER!

These new movies will just cause your children to get infected by demons then go on to smoke drugs like magic mint then get pregnant with welfare babies. Forbid your children to see this movie this weekend!

When your kids naturally cry and say Sally and John’s mom let them go, ask them how they would like to die a death of drug needled arms and AIDS, then burn for hell for all eternity. Because that’s all a movie about magicians and starring women who strip to their panties in public will lead you!"

Now here is a word from the author of the above article:

If you don't like what you just read here you can just get out of my country. Now how about that smart-alack. Follow me on twitters.

We love that...y'all just get out of my country.

Finally, here is a message from pastor Jack (apparently the webmaster):

My Dear Friends and Fellow Parents,

Satan’s favorite movie season is drawing near, and his target audience is our children. Year in and year out, he creates movies that will corrupt the pure minds of your son and daughter; the very minds you have tried to protect and guide into a good adult life.

It is up to you, and you alone, to protect your children from the lurking danger of these demon crafted Hollywood films this summer.

Harry Potter and the Halfblood Prince is the most dangerous movie. The plot will teach your son and daughter how to perform black arts, which can lead them to join occults and perform virgin death ceremony and bizarre pagan animal sacrifices.

If that’s not startling enough, imagine the guilt in your heart when you find out your kids die of a drug overdose or get pregnant with AIDS just because you were a negligent parent and allowed them to see these dangerous Harry Potter films.

Prove you love your child and sign our petition to BAN HARRY POTTER today. Your children, and your future grandchildren, will thank you for it. God bless.

Well, damn. We had planned to take our kids (19,16,15 and 12) opening day...and now when we get home, they are gonna be fornicating all over the place.


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renegadebadger said...

I believed that this could actually be a genuine Christian site until I read this: Please pray and then have women/children leave the room before viewing.

Now i have my doubts

Marcus said...

"The Christian Onion"?? That was ourinitial reaction too. A visit to the homepage (link provided)leads us to believe otherwise. But,we could be wrong.