Sarah Palin Resigns- Is The Cause A Sarah Palin Federal Indictment?

Sarah Palin Resigns

Shock waves rippled through the Republican Party yesterday as their golden girl Sarah Palin resigns as Governor of Alaska. In a rambling, confusing press conference, Sarah Palin gave her two weeks notice to the State of Alaska and didn't give a reason.

So, we will have to give you all the possible reasons right here. Most of these are actual "possibles" that we have read around the www. Leave it to Fileunderi to take all the guesswork out of life...

1. She resigned to concentrate on the 2012 Presidential Election

2. She resigned to become an anchor/analyst/reporter on Fox News

3. Because she is pregnant again.

4. To be David Letterman's backup host.

5. She hates her life and all the attention

6. Here's one that's been floated around: There is a pending federal indictment
against her for participation in a major embezzlement scheme.

7. She is taking a position with Greenpeace.

8. She is switching political parties.

9. She just wants to be a mayor again.

What, you were expecting 10 reasons?

Wait, here's a cool one we have read from the "tin foil" types...

10. Obama gave her an ultimatum to resign or be killed.

We are sure that, with the exception of #6 or #10, we will be hearing from Ms. Palin again real soon. Too soon, actually.


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