Little People Ask FCC To Ban The Word Midget

And yet another item from the "You Have Gotta Be Kidding Me" File:

The group Little People of America have called on the FCC to ban the word "midget" from broadcast TV. No, not "could you ask shows to be a little more sensitive to our littleness". Ban the word midget. Period.

Apparently, the little request was prompted by an episode of The Celebrity Apprentice. In this particular episode, contestants created an ad titled "Jesse James and the Midgets".

Not exactly PC, and probably way over the line of good taste.


BAN the word??

The Little People group equates the M word with a racial slur.

Sorry, but we here at Fileunderi can only say...Grow Up. Figuratively, of course.

And we close with this:

Midget, Midget, Midget.

Ban that.

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1 comment:

ace said...

The only reason why they are making a sink is for money.

Where does it stop with the censorship? Pretty soon, saying just ANYTHING to anyone will be deemed as "offensive". The people in this country have gotten so thin skinned it's sickening.