July 20 1969- Did Humans Really Land On The Moon?

On July 20 1969, Americans and the world sat transfixed in front of their televisions as Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon. Arguably one of the greatest events in human history, the moon dust kicked up by Armstrong was the culmination of almost a decade of hard work, vast sums of money, numerous lift offs and splash downs, and the untimely deaths of three Apollo astronauts on a launch pad.

So...did "we" really set foot on the moon? There are those that believe that NASA and the government knew early on that this was an impossible task, and a great conspiracy was formed to dupe the world. The astronauts never actually left earth, and all the photos we have seen, and celebrate, were taken on a stage in the good ole U.S.A.

We here at Fileunderi love the tin foil hat types, but would like to blow a couple of very large holes in your little scenario:

1. Like the "Bush and Company had the Twin Towers Blown Up on 9/11" fantasy, a conspiracy of this magnitude would require the participation of several hundred, if not thousands, of people. People have big mouths AND greed takes over when they think of the paycheck that awaits if they spill their guts. Speaking of big mouths, government employees have the BIGGEST mouths. There is no way that hundreds or thousands of people are going to keep their mouths shut over something this big. Sorry.

2. The most "damning evidence" the tinfoils have is the pics of the flag. "It shouldn't do that on the moon!", they cry. Come on people, this is 4th grader stuff:

On July 20, 1969, two Apollo 11 astronauts planted an American flag on the surface of the moon. The flag was a standard 3-foot-by-5-foot nylon flag that was altered by sewing a hem along the top. A telescoping crossbar, hinged to the flagpole, was extended through this hem so that when the flag was planted on the Moon, it would stand out instead of hanging limp against the flagpole (as it would normally do, since there is no wind on the Moon). When the flag was planted, astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin had a little trouble getting the telescoping crossbar to extend to its full length, and so it ended up being a little shorter than it should have been. As a result, the flag was bunched up slightly and looked like it was actually “waving in the breeze.”

'Nuff said.

Happy 40th Anniversary Apollo 11

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