The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile Is Illegal

From the Fileunderi Sunday Stupidity File:

The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile is illegal. What? A piece of Americana, beloved by millions, is illegal? Where?

In Hawaii.

Apparently, the Wienermobile visited Hawaii from June 28 to July 19. Over six complaints were filed because the Wienermobile violates a law in Hawaii that bans vehicles for
advertising purposes only. When asked why buses with huge advertising posters were allowed, and the Wienermobile wasn't, a spokesman for The Outer Circle (a beautification group) said,""Unfortunately, those things aren't against the law, and this is."

There are 6 Oscar Mayer Weinermobiles that tour the 50 States.

The Outer Circle has sent a letter to Oscar Mayer asking them to keep their Wienermobile out of Hawaii.

Make that 49 States.

Frankly, we here at Fileunderi are appalled.

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