How Do You Get Rid Of Weeds? Don't Try This Method At Home

A Tangstedt, Germany gardener was sick of weeds.


So, he decided to take drastic measures. The defenseless weeds that kept attacking his hedges were slaughtered as the mad gardener wielded his new weapon of choice:

A flame thrower.

Within minutes, the enemy was vanquished.

Unfortunately, there was collateral damage. Allies had been hit by friendly fire.

His hedges were on fire. No problem, he would douse the flames with a garden hose. Nope. The fire spread to the garden shed. The garden hose couldn't stop the blaze here either. The fire spread to the roof of his house. The fire department was called.

Seven firemen were needed to put out the blaze. Police said the house was now uninhabitable.

At least the damn weeds are gone.


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