Obamageddon- Gerald Celente Predicts Obamageddon And Total Economic Collapse

Obamageddon. We here at Fileunderi love combinations of words. And a play on words. Wait till you see our next post.

Anyway...Gerald Celente, the "Trends Forecaster Extraordinaire" that most of you have probably never heard of, has gone on record that Obamageddon will occur in 2012. Obamageddon is what WE will call the the coming economic collapse, the rest of the world will call it "The Great Depression" (Funny, we thought that name had already been used).

As you would expect, the Fringe and Tin Foil types are all over this and hording canned goods and ammunition as we speak.

While we are obviously not enamored with Mr. Obama, we aren't sure Mr. Celente is quite the forecaster he says he is either. Besides, anytime Alex Jones is all over a story, we are getting the hell away from it.

Here is Gerald Celente's website "The Trends Research Institute".

And just for fun and amusement, here is the world famous Alex Jones Infowars Website.


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