International Space Station-Best ISS Viewing Times Website

Looking for the best ISS viewing times website that gives times the International Space Station is in your area?

NASA is happy to help you out.

Go to and follow the drop downs for your country (and your state and nearest city if in the USA).

Even though the ISS is over 200 miles up, it is the brightest (actually most reflective) item man has put into space. It is surprisingly big (longer than a football field) and the solar panels have an area over 38,000 square feet.

The ISS will appear larger and brighter than a star. Too fast to be viewed with a telescope, you can pick out parts of the structure with a good pair of binoculars.
Sometimes it will be visible in your part of the world for 5-6 minutes, as it will be in Fileunderi's area on Monday night.

Check it out.


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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I saw the ISS for the first time (first time I looked for it) tonight... 8:34 p.m. Very exciting moment! Thank you!