Steve McNair And Sahel Kazemi- Sahel Kazemi Pic

Sahel Kazemi Pic

By now, you have probably heard the news about the death of Steve McNair And Sahel Kazemi. They were found shot to death in a downtown Nashville condo/apartment. The door was locked from the inside. Steve McNair was shot multiple times. Sahel Kazemi died from a single gunshot to the head. The weapon was found near Kazemi. Sahel Kazemi was a 20 year old nobody. Steve McNair was a 13 year NFL veteran quarterback. He was definitely famous, probably rich, and he was married.

There are those on the net pushing the theory that McNair and Kazemi were shot by Steve McNair's wife and it was made to look like a murder-suicide.


We'll see, but this has "young psycho that hooked up with a married ex-NFL player and decided she wanted him to herself" written all over it. When she couldn't, she went off the deep end.

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