Man Leaps Into River To Escape Wifes Nagging

What would you do to escape your wife's nagging?

A Chinese truck driver, Zhou, not only walked the plank, he leaped off of it into a fast moving river.

Zhou and his wife were on a ferry on the Yangtze River when ferry crew members saw Zhou with his hands over his ears saying, "I can't take it anymore". The crew members thought Zhou had some kind of ear injury and rushed to his side. When they realized he was unhurt, they stood there puzzling over the situation. And then...

His wife ran to his side and continued nagging him. Zhou covered his ears again and said, "I need a break".

He then took the giant leap overboard into the river.


A ferry crew member said, "We immediately found lamps to light up the water but found nobody. The possibility of survival can be zero."

Double Whoa.

Zhou had escaped his wife's nagging. Forever.


Fortunately,(or unfortunately, depending on your point of view)police found Zhou later that night after he swam 2km to safety.

Zhou said, "I felt I was dying, but even that's better than my wife's nagging,"

Zhou and his wife were reunited at the police station, and she promised to stop nagging him.



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