DeathRiskRankings-Is That The Grim Reaper At Your Front Door?

Now here's a website to brighten up your weekend... can tell you the odds of when you will die, how you will die, what you will die from, and all those other fun, silly questions that you ask yourself.

Created by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University, Death Risk Rankings takes the answers to your questions and compares it with publicly available information from U.S. and European databases. Such things as mortality risks by gender, odds of death by age, death causes and odds of death by geographic region are all cross-analyzed against the data you provide Death Risk Rankings. Afterward, you’ll know the most probably cause of your death, as well as the probable time.

All you have to do is visit the website, answer some questions and you may just find the time and manner of your death.

Visit DeathRiskRankings by Clicking HERE


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